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Bos Export B.V.

Bos Export B.V. offers an impressively wide range of flowers, house plants and garden plants. Our expert buyers are always on the lookout for distinctive new products. Bos Export B.V. endeavours to market these products as effectively as possible, working in close collaboration with growers and suppliers. Working with an experienced and motivated staff, van den Bos Bloemenexport places a deliberate emphasis on account management. We also work with an advanced automated system and we have developed a customer-friendly webshop system for our customers. Our customers are wholesalers, chain stores, department stores, garden centres and the traditionel flowershop.

Bos Export B.V. offers a very high level of service. Our business premises at Aalsmeer enable us to provide our customers with an even better service. Our processing workshop is perfectly conditioned and our logistics process is very efficiently organised so we can meet our customers’ requirements and deliver products on time at a competitive price.

Bos Export considers quality to be of paramount importance. And by this we mean not only the quality of our service but also the quality of our products.

Our qualities

Working hard for it, every day.

Best price

Great departure time

Fresh flowers

Customer knowledge


I like to invite you to my company. I will explain you how we try to stay small in a big organisation by the special attention we give to each customer. We also have a very nice webshop which is also connected with some specialized companies in the flower business.

I hope to hear from you.

John van den Bos – CEO

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Meet the staff

  • John van den Bos
    John van den BosCEO
  • Wim van den Bos
    Wim van den BosCounselor

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